Our dear customer... We invite you to subscribe to the incentive program of Saadeddine customer, which we named it (Saad) because it is a beautiful program that will bring happiness for you, God willing.

It will be a new beginning and a journey of pleasure and happiness where this membership gives you many advantages through the points you collect on your purchases, you will be able to redeem this balance of points at Saadeddine Pastry branches with decisions and wonderful products and its taste brings happiness. Your Saad Membership will provide with a lot of exclusive offers and you will be the first to know about the latest services and products.


1) Category I: “Bronze Saad” Members of “Saad Bronze” will be credited 500 points for each 100 Riyals of purchases, and the journey continues until Point no. 24999.

2) Category II: “Silver Saad” When your points reach 25,000 points, your membership is automatically upgraded to “Saad Silver” and 700 points will be credited for every 100 Riyals of purchases and this category continue in until Point no. 39999.

3) Category III: "Gold Saad" When your points reach 40, 000 points, your membership is automatically upgraded to "Saad Gold" and 1000 points will be credited for every 100 Riyals of purchases and this is the highest category regardless of the increase of your purchases later on.

Promotions for “Saad” members

Every time we innovate a new product, you have the priority to make you feel before the other customers to offer launch this product and offer it to you with special promotions or additional privileges and surprises that will make us happy to draw a smile on your face.

General Terms and Conditions

1) The points earned must be used within 365 days of the date of purchase.

2) “Saad” membership does not grant you points and bonuses on two different programs at once on the same purchase.

3) The new points cannot be used until 72 hours after their registration.

4) The minimum point balance for redemption is 5000 points and is equal to 50 Riyals at the sale price.

5) When you upgrade “Saad Bronze” to “Saad Silver” or when you upgrade “Saad Silver” to “Saad Gold”, the higher category lasts for life for the customer.

6) Saad Pastry may modify the category system at any time without notice to the customer.

7) The use of “Saad” membership denotes the approval of the terms and conditions stated in this program in full and the customer has the right to be notified of the amendments in accordance with the channels of communication provided to Saadeddine.

8) The electronic approval by clicking on “Agree” is considered as signing a contract and approval of the member on the previous terms and conditions while allowing Saadeddine Pastry to communicate with him through his data for customer service purposes and Saadeddine Pastry undertakes not to publish, disclose or resell the information of the members of the program to any third party for whatever reason.

Our friend and our dear guest... Welcome to “Saad” Program and we hope to earn your satisfaction.

With regards “Saad” Program Manager For the customers of Saadeddine Pastry