Saadeddine's success story of started in 1976 with launching the first branch in the eastern region in Alkhobar to start from that time onwards our series of achievements in important circles of long term success, which paved the way for us to enter new markets.

Quality is the solid basis of whatever we do. We do take care, therefore, to make sure that the developing size of our work does not negatively affect our quality and skills in developing our products, in order to maintain the tradition of Saadeddine's creativities and providing world standard products.

Saadeddine company faces strong completion because of its activities whether inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or outride it. Despite all that, the company has proved over the past years that it has the main sources of power to make it continue its success in this competitive environment.

Saadeddine is a sweets manufacturing and supplying company that is the fastest in growing in the local market and abroad, despite the fierce competition locally and internationally. This fast growing of Saadeddine over the past years has made it possible for it to reinforce its position locally and regionally as a developed company in the field of food and sweets production.